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Why Fire Life Safety Solutions

Why is Fire Life Safety Solutions USA the preferred fire life safety training and compliance consulting partner for New York City property owners and managers?

100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
If after the delivery of services you are not satisfied for any reason, you have up to 30 days to contact the customer service department to get complete satisfaction, answer questions, retrain.
All our trainers, instructors, and compliance consultants follow the highest codes of ethics and professional standards.
Our trainers and instructors have an average of 7-10 years of experience. Our compliance consultants have an average of 10-20 years of experience. They all have practical hands-on, real world experience.
Certified Trainers and instructors, by FDNY and/or OSHA.
All instructors, trainers and consultants are certified by FDNY and/or OSHA authorities. They may also possess additional certifications and licenses, applicable to their area of expertise.
Certificate Safety Compliance (Fire and Non-Fire Safety).
The property will be issued a certificate of compliance, based on a 90% participation rate.
Approved FDNY and OSHA training programs.
All training, instructions, and written fire safety and emergency action plans are based on the latest FDNY and OSHA rules and regulations.
Modern Technology
We utilize the latest training and educational methods. You will have access to your buildings’ own password-protected dashboard that includes your building's custom written fire safety plan, emergency evacuation procedures, daily fire prevention tips and reminders, that can be accessed at any time, from anywhere, on any device. This modern method ensures you and your team have instant access to the latest information for your tenants, residents, and first responders for medical, fire, and non-fire emergencies.

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