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What is fire and non-fire safety training?
Fire safety training informs, educates, instructs, and develops awareness by preparing building residents, tenants, employees, and owners in the specific procedures to follow in the event of fire or non-fire emergencies. This is a requirement of FDNY and/or OSHA depending on your property and the number of employees.

Who should take fire safety training?
Everybody. Building residents, building service employees, security officers, porters, doorpersons, property managers/owners, and anyone else employed by the building(s).

How long does the training take?
The fire safety training sessions conducted by Fire Life Safety Solutions are done in groups of 20 to 30 residents. Training time for each group is approximately 20-30 minutes, with about 5-10 minutes for Q&A. A building of 100 residents and/or tenants could be completed in 67 minutes.

What is a written fire safety plan?
A fire safety plan informs building occupants and employees of the building’s construction, fire safety systems, means of egress and evacuation, and other procedures to be followed in the event of a fire or non-fire in the building.

Why do my tenants, employees, and residents need fire safety training?
First, depending on the height and type of building, it may be required. Even if many of your employees are already fire-safety certified, statistics show that most people do not know what to do in the case of a fire or non-fire emergency. Fire safety training will help enhance your residents’ personal safety, teach them what to do in the event of a fire, and show them how to contain a small fire so it doesn’t become a big fire. This training will help save lives, reduce injury, and lessen property damage and costs.

What non-fire emergencies are discussed in the training?
Non-fire emergencies touched upon in the training are weather-related disasters such as tornados, snowstorms, hurricanes, etc.; and man-made emergencies such as explosions, active-shooter, hazardous spills, etc.

How often is the training conducted?
Training sessions should be scheduled by building managers and owners, with Fire Life Safety Solutions, USA in advance, and should be retaken annually to ensure the latest information, building layout, etc., is considered.

What about fire extinguisher training?
Training on how to use a fire extinguisher is offered to building service employees. Residents should purchase their own fire extinguishers if they do not already have one in their apartment units, and learn how to use the extinguisher they have in their apartment.

Where do you conduct the fire safety training?
At your premises. Fire safety trainings are conducted on the premises of the residential or commercial building contracting our services. This is so residents know exactly what to do in the event of an emergency. We will also provide general fire safety prevention information. There is no classroom training, we come directly to your property location.

Who will train my building service employees?
Fire Life Safety Solutions USA will train your building service employees at no charge, many may already have certifications from the FDNY. They will be trained at the same time with the residents of the building since they will be assisting and giving the tenants and residents instructions during the emergency. Fire extinguisher training is also available to tenants, residents, and building service personnel for an additional fee.

Who will pay for the fire safety training?
In a residential building, the cost is typically shared between the residents and the property manager and owner. The fees for each resident (apartment building) can be collected by the property manager, owner,  or the property management company. In a commercial (office) building, the cost is paid entirely by the property manager, owner, or the property management company. Once an account is established for the apartment building(s), tenants can pay their fees by credit card on the Fire Life Safety Solutions USA secured website (http://www.flssusa.com) or on the day of the training by credit card or cash.

Can your fire safety training reduce my property insurance?
In most cases, fire safety training for your building service employees and residents can reduce your property insurance. Insurance companies are reducing insurance premiums if homeowners have sprinklers in their homes. However, ask your insurance agent or broker. The property manager will receive a certificate of fire safety compliance which can be shown to the insurance company.

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